How MGE Can Help

How MGE Can Help

MGE is committed to healthy growth and a healthy economy in the Greater Madison region. We partner with business, education and government leaders to ensure our area businesses have the resources and connections they need to start, stay competitive and grow within the region.

We can help you:

Find a competitive location. MGE will conduct a confidential site search to help you find the best location for your business. We will provide the key data you need to make an informed decision, including demographics, trends, costs, training options and environmental issues.

Access to financing. The MGE Connect Team will help you sort through financing options—from venture capital and state programs to local incentives. We can help prepare a financial package tailored to meet your needs.

Increase profitability. A sound energy plan and new technology can improve efficiency and cut operating costs. MGE can help you make wise decisions that will improve your bottom line.

Tap into business resources. Numerous resources exist to help your business thrive in the region. MGE can connect you with this network of peers and potential customers and refer you to experts in licensing, patents, venture financing and other areas critical to your success.

Power reliability. MGE takes electric reliability very seriously, and we have achieved outstanding results. MGE leads the state in electric reliability performance, and in national surveys, MGE finishes first or second year after year. Over the past 10 years, MGE has demonstrated a commitment to provide top-ranked reliability, and we pride ourselves on this commitment.

Customized power needs. The Greater Madison region is home to a wide array of technology companies with critical power delivery needs, from data centers to biotechnology research facilities. MGE works closely with these businesses to create unique solutions specially structured and designed to meet the highly specialized needs of their business.

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