Clean Vehicle Fuels

Workplace Charging

Workplace charging

To attract and retain employees and help meet sustainability goals, businesses are installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for employee use. MGE provides information you'll need to evaluate charging options and make the best decisions. MGE will:

  • Review the impact on an employer's utility costs, which typically is minimal.
  • Help develop policies and procedures for the program.
  • Visit an employer's site to identify the best location for a charging station.
  • Hold employee informational sessions that focus on general EV information as well as charging at work and at home.


Multifamily electric vehicle charging

As more drivers go electric, multifamily developers and property managers in Dane County have installed electric vehicle charging stations for tenants. MGE is available to discuss charging station options and help navigate the decision-making process to ensure a successful installation. We provide an on-site electrical assessment, evaluate energy and demand costs, and assist with tenant education before and after stations are installed.


Compressed natural gas vehicles

Businesses looking to reduce fuel costs and emissions are switching to compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. They offer quiet operation, exceptional performance and run on a fuel produced in the United States. There are four public CNG stations in Dane County. MGE is available to help businesses determine if CNG makes sense for their fleet.


  • Hear first-hand from Wisconsin fleets that are operating CNG trucks by checking out MGE's video series, Straight Talk about CNG.
  • Search for CNG fueling stations by visiting the Department of Energy’s Alternative Fueling Station Locator.
  • Get the answers to questions about CNG fueling, safety, vehicle availability, maintenance and more by visiting
  • Sign up to get important information on CNG vehicles and fueling here.

Business vehicle analysis

Are alternative fuel vehicles a good fit for your business? MGE will:

  • Assist with return on investment analysis.
  • Research available vehicles.
  • Evaluate maintenance options.

To schedule an analysis, MGE customers should call their MGE Account Manager or 608-252-7007.