Madison Gas and Electric

MGE has ranked in the top three U.S. utilities for the fewest outages in each of the last ten years, including 2007, 2013 and 2015 when MGE ranked No. 1.

In the Madison area, gas and electric service is provided by Madison Gas and Electric.

MGE proactively meets the energy requirements of present and future customers. From new power plants to backup generation, we provide safe, reliable and competitively priced natural gas and electricity, while maintaining the highest possible standards of fiscal responsibility. MGE customers benefit from:

  • A well-designed and maintained utility infrastructure, reflecting rigorous maintenance practices and backup features (e.g., redundancy).
  • Easy access to professional employees, with years of relevant expertise and experience, who listen and respond quickly.
  • Green Masters Program
  • Trustworthy information and innovative ideas that enhance reliability and help you manage your energy use and control your utility costs.
  • A homegrown company with a commitment to identifying and incorporating sustainable energy solutions. For four consecutive years, MGE has attained the Green Master designation, a distinction awarded by the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council. MGE was the first only utility in the state to achieve Green Master status.

Business customers are eligible for:

  • Rate/pricing options, from wind power "green rates" to unbundled energy price components. MGE is No. 1 among U.S. investor-owned utilities for percentage of customers participating in voluntary renewable energy programs.
  • A free energy assessment to identify the risks and potential source(s) of electric problems and to offer remedial strategies ranging from uninterruptible power service to whole facility surge protection and distributed generation.
  • Natural gas supply options.

Information on MGE's business rates can be found here

Innovative energy design and planning assistance

MGE works closely with a wide array of technology companies with critical power delivery needs—from data centers to biotechnology research facilities—to create unique solutions specially structured and designed to meet their highly specialized needs. This includes:

  • Enhanced electric distribution systems.
  • Dual electric feeds.
  • On-site backup electrical generation.
  • Electric rates tailored for enhanced reliability.

MGE's professional expertise and experience are offered through our engineering and design staff who work directly with your design team to implement customized solutions.

MGE business customers are assigned a commercial and industry (C&I) representative based on the type of industry. Our C&I reps work with customers on energy-saving opportunities and other business services. A Connect Team member will be happy to help you find your C&I representative.

Call MGE's Business Helpline at 608-252-7007.
Email MGE's Business Specialist at:

Top in electric reliability

In 2013, MGE's electric service reliability was ranked No. 1 in a nationwide utility industry survey based on average customer outages for both duration and frequency. In this survey, MGE has ranked in the top four since 2007.

In 2014, MGE was ranked fourth best in the category of shortest duration of outages and second best in the category of fewest number of outages. MGE also earned the No. 1 spot in Wisconsin in both categories of shortest duration and fewest number of outages for 2014.

The survey found in 2014 that MGE customers experienced only 51 minutes without power on average per year, compared to a nationwide average of more than four hours. Also, an average MGE customer experiences about one outage every three years, compared to a nationwide average of four outages throughout the same period.

Since 2007, MGE has ranked in the top four utilities in this national reliability survey for both fewest minutes and lowest frequency of customer service interruptions. MGE places a high priority on building and maintaining a reliable electric system.

  • MGE has a proven reliability improvement process. Engineering and field operations staff meet monthly to analyze outages and root causes. We identify and implement steps for improvement. By making it a priority to review, monitor and maintain our system, we keep it operating reliably.
  • MGE has installed distribution automation equipment at many of its substations, which helps eliminate outages to thousands of customers. If one source of power is lost, customers experience a momentary interruption and automatically are transferred to another power source.
  • MGE upgrades it substations. Most recently, a $14 million upgrade to the Walnut Substation (serving Madison's near-west side and the UW-Madison campus area) and a $2.5 million improvement to the Femrite Substation (serving parts of Madison's east side).

MGE's reliability

MGE has consistently scored high in a national reliability survey. Utilities are ranked on system average interruption duration index (SAIDI), which evaluates outage times, and system average interruption frequency index (SAIFI), which evaluates the frequency of outages.

MGE Electric System Reliability
National Ranking
Year Shortest outages for total customers Fewest outages for total customers
2014 4 2
2013 1 1
2012 3 3
2011 1 2
2010 3 3
2009 2 3
2008 2 2
2007 1 1


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