Data Centers

Madison, Wisconsin, is the ideal location for your data center

With today's remote access capabilities, data centers can be built almost anywhere. The Madison area's value-added attributes create a specialized environment for data centers to thrive.


"With MGE we have found a special partner. They are motivated, reliable and experts at what they do."
– Phil LaForge, President and CEO, TDS Hosted and Managed Services

Top in Electric Reliability

MGE consistently ranks among the top investor-owned utilities for electric reliability. A nationwide utility industry survey released in 2012 ranks MGE:

  • No. 1 for electric reliability based on duration of outages in 2011.
  • No. 2 for electric reliability based on frequency of outages in 2011.

Each year since 2007, MGE has ranked among the top three utilities in the country for the fewest minutes and lowest frequency of customer service interruptions.

Mission-critical connectivity

Access multiple national carriers in the Madison area that offer reliable fiber-optic connections and capacity to meet your needs.

Estimate of Air-side Economizer Hours For Data Centers.

Cool climate

Data centers generate heat, which can make them challenging and costly to cool. Wisconsin's naturally cool climate can keep your operating costs down.

  • 7,500 is the average number of free cooling hours per year for the greater Madison area. This is significantly above the national average.
  • Reduce your data center's power usage effectiveness and carbon footprint with air-side economizers.
The upper Midwest sits in a safe zone and boasts the lowest number of natural disasters of all zones in the country, according to FEMA.

Safe location

The upper Midwest sits in a safe zone and boasts the lowest number of natural disasters of all zones in the country, according to FEMA.

  • No earthquakes. No hurricanes.
  • Low terrorism threat.

Robust infrastructure

We provide the infrastructure capability and capacity data centers demand. Take advantage of:

  • Multiple fiber-optic carriers.
  • Ample water supply, which encourages competitive rates.

MGE offers:

  • Electricity from different transmission sources.
  • Enhanced electric reliability. MGE developed an enhanced electric reliability system tariff for businesses, like data centers, that have critical power needs and want an additional layer of reliability. You can have an alternate electric circuit available to bring power to your facility from a second substation in the event your usual circuit is disrupted.

Shovel-ready sites with robust infrastructure are ready for your data center now

North Mendota Energy and Technology Park

North Mendota Energy and Technology Park and the Fitchburg Technology Campus-Phase II are ready for your data center. They offer high-capacity electric, gas, water and sewer service.

North Mendota Energy and Technology Park
New, 57-acre development on Madison's northside.

Certified in Wisconsin

Fitchburg Technology Campus-Phase II
New, 56-acre business and technology park located minutes from downtown Madison. This is a Certified in Wisconsin site.

Your utility partner

MGE offers specialized services to help your data center thrive in the Greater Madison region.

  • Backup generation expertise. We have knowledge and experience designing and customizing backup generation systems for enhanced electric reliability.
  • Competitive rates. The average electric cost for a typical data center load profile is about $0.08/kilowatt-hour.
  • Redundant power feeds. MGE experts know how to support the n+1 power needs data centers require.
  • Utility expertise. MGE assisted with the recent development and expansion of several private and government data centers.
  • Contact our Connect Team data center expert, John Drury, at (608) 252-7081 or email