Food Processing and Cold Storage

Competitive utilities for low operating costs

The Madison region is powered by a reliable network of utility providers at competitive rates. Food processors in the region have access to a clean, abundant water supply provided by a number of municipal water and sewer service providers. Gas and electric service is provided by Madison Gas and Electric, which offers redundancy and renewable energy options as well as business development assistance. MGE's electric service reliability was ranked No. 1 in a nationwide utility industry survey based on average customer outage times in 2017. (Source: MGE)

Quick transport of cold storage products

Your business will enjoy a short time to market thanks to the expansive transportation network in the Madison area, which includes interstate highways to Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis. For more information, visit our Transportation section.

A growing workforce to grow with your business

The Madison area's labor force of 345,024 has grown at a rate of 2.7% since 2006, which is faster than the state and national rate in that same period of time.

Comparative labor force growth rates since 2006

Greater Madison Region
United States

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2011 The Greater Madison region is comprised of the following Wisconsin counties: Columbia, Dane and Iowa.

Specific skills you can't find in our workforce can be easily developed. The training programs offered by organizations and educational institutions in the Madison area will help you develop the skilled workers you need to succeed, while keeping business costs down.

A secure place to do business

Low property crime rates in the Madison region mean decreased inventory loss for your business. The region also has a lower-than-average violent crime rate, making it safer for your employees and their families.

Major employers

Many of the larger food processing businesses in the Madison area belong to the multistate trade group, the Midwest Food Processors Association. Major food processing and cold storage warehousing employers in the Madison area include:

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